Origins & History 

Be Ceuticals is a Swiss aesthetic laboratory founded in 2013 that started specifically the development of hyaluronic acid injectable fillers. They are used by specialists such as dermatologists, aesthetics specialists and plastic surgeons worldwide.

In 2015, Be Ceuticals added to its portfolio an aesthetic line of skin boosters based on dermatologically tested active molecules such as: L-Ascorbic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Ferulic Acid and Ceramides. The high concentration of active molecules helps to regenerate and to stimulate the skin. The skin boosters line increases the resistance of the skin from external factors and delays the skin aging.
Be Ceuticals developed in 2017 a complete dermocosmetic line for whitening care, especially for the Dermatologists concerned by pigmentation disorders (

Quality & Certifications

The quality of Be Ceuticals products is attested by pharmaceutical units completely certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 22716. These certifications confirmed the highest level of perfection and quality within the scope of safety and efficiency.
Nowadays, more than thirty cosmetic products have become a must have for every woman concerned by a same principle: to combine optimal and clinically proven effectiveness with magnificent textures and designed packaging.


Be Ceuticals is for everyone who is looking for innovative and effective products that are pleasant to use. Whether you use and practice aesthetic medicine or not. Be Ceuticals products will satisfy each customer offering a concise product made to measure for anti-aging solutions to your needs.

Mrs. Marie-Christine Comte

President of the Board of Directors

Mr. Samuel Valenzuela

Chief Executive Officer

Be Ceuticals Brand