Rejuvenation for hydration in facial skin, e.g. non reticulated HA.

2 x 2 ml


Composition & Content

1 ml contains 12 mg non-crosslinked hyaluronate.
2 sterile, single-use syringes containing RX.HA.12; 4 sterile needles 32G for single-use and intended exclusively for the injection of RX.HA.12; instructions for use, as well as a set of 4 labels of which 2 are provided for the patient and the 2 others for the health record.


Intradermal injection of RX.HA.12 must only be performed by medical specialists with appropriate training in dermal filler injection. The correct injection technique is essential for the success of the treatment. Injection into the wrong skin layer, an inappropriate technique or a high injection rate may lead to pronounced side effects.


RX.HA.12 is a monophasic, sterile, isotonic, apyrogenic clear gel of highly purified hyaluronic acid of biofermentative origin and thus free of animal traces. Hyaluronic acid, a natural polydisaccharide, is an important structural element in skin, in subcutaneous and connective tissue, in synovial tissue as well as in synovial fluid. It belongs to the few substances that are chemically identical in all living organisms.

Mode of action

With age, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases significantly. As a consequence, the skin loses elasticity and tonus, and because of the decrease of skin turgor, wrinkles start to develop. Addition of RX.HA.12 to the skin tissue results in restoration of the extracellular matrix and in rehydration, due to the high water-retention capacity of hyaluronic acid. Elasticity and turgor of the skin are restored, fine wrinkles are smoothened and the skin appears younger.
In addition, it is assumed that hyaluronic acid is capable of stimulating collagen synthesis and trapping radicals, thereby retarding the skin-aging process. The degradation of hyaluronic acid occurs enzymatically through the endogenous enzyme hyaluronidase as well as by oxidative hydroxylation.

Storage & Disposal

Store between 2ºC and 25ºC, in a dry place, protected from sun light.
Directly after use dispose of syringe with unused gel and needles.